The original Younkers Tea Room, located in the Younkers Department Store, hosted a variety of events and occasions since its inception in 1913, to when the last rarebit burger was served and its doors closed in 2005. The Younkers Tea Room was the most extravagant place to hold events in Des Moines with its Victorian décor and elegant atmosphere. It was known for its unmatched hospitality, lavish fashion shows, fundraisers and parties, and its delicious and unique sticky buns. Many recall how being at the Tea Room made them feel welcomed and important as guests.


In Des Moines, The Younkers Tea Room is iconic. After the 2014 fire, many feared that it was forever gone. However, the historic Wilkins Building and Tea Room were able to be saved and rehabilitated by Blackbird, a Des Moines based real estate developer. Although the décor has changed and only some of the original plaster was restored, the molds for the plaster designs were protected in the basement through the fire. When you step into The Tea Room, the ceilings and pillars echo the grandeur of the 1920s with the same ornate and original design.


Since reopening in 2017, The Tea Room has upheld its reputation of making hosts and guests feel welcome. The restored beauty of the space leaves brides and grooms with iconic wedding photos and memories that will last a lifetime. Corporate conferences, luncheons, and events have ample space with a high-end and unique atmosphere. Formal dinners, fundraisers, cocktail parties, and rehearsal dinners will leave your guests feeling welcomed, valued, and important, just as The Tea Room has been doing since it first opened in 1913.

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